Lack of posts

There has been a lack of posts about the development of the bar. The reason is two fold: one, I’m just one person and too damn busy trying to get this thing up and going, and two, things are happening in such small increments that a post is too cumbersome to convey progress.

But how else to convey progress? Why Twitter and Facebook of course!

You can find out what’s going on by following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook.

Meanwhile, this website will sit dormant until the bar is open and the web page is complete.


Thanks for following!

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Creating the logo

Now that I had a name, a logo had to come next. The obvious visual connection to such an abstract word was to make the logo out of it’s phonetic mate: the cannon.

With some work and toying around, I came up with this:

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Naming the bar

I went through a number of names for the bar before I finally decided on canon. The process was quite difficult, as many of the names that I initially wanted were found, with a quick google, to be already used by other bars.

canon came to be after an exhaustive word hunt turned up this definition:

can·on [kan-uhn]
1. a body of the most important, influential or superior works in music, literature or art
2. a standard; criterion: the canons of taste

As there is a rather famous camera company with the same name, I decided to extend the name to canon: whiskey and bitters emporium

creating a logo next….


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Hello world!

This blog will highlight my journey to finally getting my own bar up and running. It will (hopefully) be a quick and wild ride!

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